Dr. Janet West, MD, MBA

Pediatrician, Founder, Superhero

After almost 15 years of working with families and newborns, and a mother of three herself, Dr. Janet West knows a thing or two about taking great care of babies. A Board Certified pediatrician and former military spouse, Dr. West has spent the majority of her career directing multiple pediatric clinics that served military families.

She’s helped hundreds of parents care for their newborns, using compassion and gentle guidance while focusing on a holistic approach to her practice. Throughout her career, she recognized a common thread among families who were struggling with balancing the responsibilities newborns demand and the exhaustion they create. After obtaining her MBA, Dr. West started RVA Baby to provide them a better experience by offering medical services in the comfort of their own home.

When she’s not working with clients, Dr. West loves spending time watching her twins perform for the Richmond Ballet and Virginia Symphony, reading and listening to podcasts, and spending time with her oldest child as she prepares to welcome her first grandchild.

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Sampson and Delilah

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They’re our playful little partners who love to hang out, get a bit mischievous, and always wants to snuggle up as part of the family. When the home is happy, they’re happy! They just love to be included – like when the baby needs to be fed, Sampson might show up with a bone stuck in his teeth. Or when its bath time, act quick or Delilah will jump into the suds! And when exhaustion takes over, they’ll settle down and pass out with you in pure bliss.

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